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Tambre Clinic It is a benchmark in the field of assisted reproduction centers since 1978. A benchmark in efficiency, innovation and also in ethics. Our job was to showcase their excellence, update their codes for today's patients, and boost their authenticity in the face of the growing number of competitors.


Without mastering the keys of assisted reproduction and without having excellent results, it is impossible to compete at the highest level with other brands. Therefore, the differential was not in the what, but in the how. In that extra effort until you find a solution.


The personalization of each treatment, the personal commitment of each member of the clinic with the patients, the innate vocation, creativity and ability to find solutions that other clinics do not see, the constant review of cases and, ultimately, the fact of to wish as much as they do that they have a child and to use all the means at their disposal to achieve this goal.


We work on identity, transferring the strategy in a balanced way between science and humanity. An updated and enriched visual identity that highlights the commitment that exists between the clinic and each patient. A brand that, using the codes of its sector, is nevertheless more committed, sensitive and professional.

On a verbal level, we take the 'clinical' descriptor to a second level by enhancing the brand, and we define a clear, direct, friendly, close and realistic language, with an optimistic approach.

A life dedicated to patients