«These awards are a recognition of a way of doing things that distinguishes us»

Our CEO, Carlos Corral, and Diana Guzman, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer of Clarel, have participated in Capital Radio, in the special of The Magic of Advertising about the winners of the second edition of the AEBRAND Awards, a program presented by Juan Manuel Urraca, accompanied by Cristina Vicedo, president of AEBRAND.

Baud has been awarded the AEBRAND Gold Award, in the repositioning category, and Silver, in brand experience, both recognitions for his project for Clarel. Corral explained the scope of this and what aspects the jury has awarded.

“We accompanied Clarel in its transformation: from a local drugstore to a care and beauty store. From conceptualization to activation in stores, rethinking its approach to the customer and redefining its store model to offer a comprehensive, premium and differentiated experience."

I would highlight the strategic approach and how we have been able to transform and revalue a retail brand, through integrated brand management, in all its commercial dimensions. A project with a positive impact on the income statement of Clarel.”

«These awards are a recognition of a way of doing things that distinguishes us and that creates links with organizations that, like Clarel, trust us to convert moments of change in opportunities«

The Magic of Advertising, February 16, 2024. Baud, Clarel Gold and Silver Award