By Table

Range of home fragrances, soaps and candles for El Corte Inglés



In 2011, in line with their brand strategy of recent years, El Corte Inglés decided to launch the brand By Table in order to extend the range of their store brands and thus enter the exclusive, growing market of home fragrances and candles. Given the tremendous success of our earlier reorganisation and reconstruction of their wine shop, food and stationery sections, El Corte Inglés once again turned to Baud to set up and develop this exclusive brand and product range.


El Corte Ingles betted on Baud to carry out this project in which we were responsible for the application of the brand to the design of the soaps themselves.

We conducted a comprehensive branding project aimed at the consumer market given that the product design and packaging design were the main points of contact.

Strategy & Creativity

This project is realized by working closely with the El Corte Ingles shopping-team & the El Corte Ingles branding department in which Baud took care of the strategy and creativity.

The project consisted in redesigning and restyling each of the products developed by By Table. Baud worked meticulously on the packaging and labels with the El Corte Inglés buying teams and their store brand department, taking full responsibility for the project's strategic and creative management.


One of the highlights of the project was the creation of packs in which premium finishes were selected with matte exteriors and details highlighted in spot gloss, endowing them with presence and elegance to create an upmarket product.

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