The home brand of El Corte Inglés

Range of home fragrances, soaps and candles for El Corte Inglés

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In 2011, following the brand strategy carried out by El Corte Inglés in recent years, it was decided to introduce the "By Table" brand with the intention of expanding the field of its own brands and thus be able to enter the growing and exclusive market for fragrances and candles for the home.

The English Court opted for Baud to carry out this project in which it took care from the application of the brand on each of the supports to the design of the soaps themselves.

We carried out a comprehensive brand project aimed at the consumer market, taking into account that product design and packaging design were the main points of contact.

Strategy and Creativity

The project is a teamwork between the purchasing teams of El Corte Inglés, its own brand department and Baud as those in charge of carrying all the weight of the strategic and creative direction of the project.

The project consisted of both the design of new references and the re-design and re-styling of each of the previously developed products; your packaging, your labels, etc ...

One of the most outstanding aspects of the project was the process of creating the packs where premium finishes with matte exteriors and outstanding details in gloss reserves were chosen, giving them presence and elegance resulting in a high quality of product.