The scooter with the most attitude


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Overnight, the city was filled with shared electric mobility alternatives. Endless brands with little differentiation both in their product and business model and in their image. It was necessary a brand that was born learned, different, that knew how to connect with the personality of the users.


Buny is the scooter of people who break the mold, who don't go with the flow. The brand focused on people, for urbanites, those who live and feel the asphalt. A brand for those who want to be part of a better city. Involved with the city, but also with its citizens.
Born for those who love the city and who think, like them, that the city should be for the people who inhabit it. So that they enjoy the street without the invasion of traffic, so that they breathe less polluted air, so that they can move freely.
To encourage them to regain their space.


We created a committed, rebellious and effective brand with an identity that projected its style through its different elements. A sophisticated logo with personality, a photographic tone with the elegance and attitude of black and white, urban graphics and a rebellious game of overlapping photos and textures. The strong and innovative typography, and the black and white color palette with a different fluorescent accent, complete a lifestyle universe designed for the uniqueness of each individual.

Asphalt, sidewalks, parks, squares: the city belongs to its citizens

We gave life to the brand through its main products: scooter and app. We designed an urban scooter together with the manufacturer, integrating into it all the necessary technology to guarantee the minimalist but sophisticated experience we were looking for. We designed and developed an intuitive and elegant app that completed the circle of the global experience.
A new form of mobility that makes it easy for you, to do it your way.