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Brand Audit

Organic Branding

We delve into the brands we work with.

The analysis of a brand determines its place in the market and who its competitors are, what trends it should breathe, when and where it is chosen and what impact it has generated to date.

Identify and mark the way

At Baud we clearly focus the direction of our projects through in-depth trend research and market analysis.

Brand analysis is a key tool to identify and mark the way forward.

More about Brand Audit

Organic Branding.

Due to its organic growth, every brand requires an efficient and professional audit for its proper construction and growth.

The purpose of the audit is to identify the main conflicts, inconsistencies and areas for improvement of the brand, thus defining a series of recommendations that allow it to impact its target in a more influential way based on the strategic framework that is established.

Everything evolves constantly, people, ideas, culture, our way of thinking… Life evolves and we with it. For this reason, in a world as changing as ours, it is essential that companies and their brands are as dynamic as possible.

At Baud we develop branding strategies planning objectives and solutions to which we apply our creative experience to obtain brilliant and effective results.

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