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Brand Architecture

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At Baud, we understand that a brand architecture Solid is essential to maximize value and collaboration between brands and business units. By designing an effective brand architecture, you help align strategic and business objectives, creating a coherent and efficient ecosystem that drives sustainable growth.

Through our method, we define brand architecture models aimed at improving the relationship between divisions and providing clarity.

  1. Assessment of the current situation: We analyze the state of your brands and their relationship with each other to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in the current architecture.
  2. Definition of the brand architecture strategy: We design a personalized strategy that reinforces cohesion and synergy between brands, optimizing collaboration and achieving business objectives.
  3. Implementation, transition plan and monitoring: We accompany your team in the implementation of the new brand architecture, ensuring the correct adaptation and alignment with the values ​​and purpose of the company.
  4. Analysis and adjustments: We will monitor the performance of the implemented brand architecture and make adjustments as necessary to ensure maximum impact and efficiency in achieving goals.

What is Brand Architecture?

An Brand Architecture Consequent and organized provides a long-term advantage, which will be defined based on the objectives that the brand wants to achieve over time.

A well-defined brand architecture is critical to the long-term success of the company.
At Baud, we work to build solid and effective brand architectures that reinforce cohesion, help achieve goals, and strengthen our position in the market.

More about Brand Architecture

Baud also manages the architecture for ranges of products and services in companies in multiple sectors.

Brand architecture rationalizes and outlines all the products of a brand giving a global, coherent and complete vision of it.

After making a comprehensive study of the brand, its products and by-products, we establish the different routes, groups and relationship between them in a clear and rational way. We make an organization chart where the place of each product appears clearly and we make sure of the possible future growth of the brand with the incorporation of new products, which can easily find their location.

Advantages inferred by the correct application of Brand Architecture:

Organization of the different strategies for each of the company's brands, Hierarchical identification between the different brands of the company, Cost optimization, Prevention of conceptual conflicts between brands, Definition of opportunities for possible new products.

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