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Auara: the first 100% social water

Auara is the dream of entrepreneurs who are aware of society and the environment. An idea that aims to change the world and for which they had Baud as a strategic and design consultancy.


«Sandstorm that occurs in deserts like Alfar, the hottest and driest place on the planet»


Auara is a 100% social company that sells natural mineral water from a spring in León and allocates all its dividends to projects to bring drinking water to people who do not have it.

* The data is alarming: more than 700 million people in 40 countries do not have safe drinking water. Of these, 7 million die each year from diseases transmitted by dirty water

In addition to being social, water is an important problem for the environment: in Spain alone, 3.000 million bottles of water are consumed per year, which are usually made of plastics from petroleum and require a great waste of energy for their manufacture and transport.


Society is changing. The new generations are looking for fairer and more transparent companies in which to spend their money. In addition, they have a global conscience that seeks to generate a positive impact on society. From the need to adapt to society, more and more humane companies are emerging whose ultimate goal is to make a better world, far beyond specific CSR actions.

From idea to brand

The first step in creating the strategy was to define clear and concise values ​​that would lay the foundations on which to build the brand:


We turn something simple and everyday into a responsible and extraordinary action

A dream come true


Ecology and efficiency are priorities for the company, therefore, they should be present in all the elements of the brand, starting, of course, with the bottle itself.

Our team worked on a unique and environmentally friendly structural design, away from the traditional shapes of water bottles, which optimizes space thanks to its square format and which allows more units to be stored and transported, saving effort and fuel.

Its rounded shapes give it elegance, ergonomics and differentiation.

The bottles are made with 100% recycled plastic, which reuses materials rather than extracting new fossil resources. Auara becomes the first brand in Spain and one of the pioneers worldwide in introducing 100% recycled PET.

Visual identity

The logo is inspired by typically African motifs, the main destination for Auara's solidarity projects. The brand is supported by a blue color that evokes the purity of water.

For the design of the packaging we opted for a minimal labeling that leaves the absolute prominence to water and transmits the simplicity of Auara's social action.

Each bottle has a QR code that informs the consumer about the projects in which it is collaborating. In addition, all the information is written in braille, so that Auara is accessible to everyone.

One idea, one product, many benefits

In conclusion, a product strategically and graphically consistent with the philosophy and objectives of the brand:

On everyone's lips

To publicize the new brand, a powerful social media campaign has been launched with recognized and anonymous ambassadors.