«At Baud we build the future of our clients»

About business transformation and growth we have talked today in The Magic of Advertising, weekly program with current information on brands that governs and presents Juan Manuel Urraca, every Friday in Capital Radio.

«We are a business transformation consultancy that works with family businesses, investment funds and with companies that are in a moment of challenge, transformation or launching a spin-off».

With these words our CEO has summarized, Carlos Corral, what does the job of Baud in business consulting and the profile of its clients. Specifically, he has referred to Clarel, example of how revalue a retail brand.

"Our focus has been competitiveness and preparing the company to consolidate and continue its path of growth"

In this line, has intervened Diana Guzman, director of marketing and digital ecosystem of Clarel, who has detailed what the project consisted of, what challenges they faced and what Baud's contribution has been. On the other hand, he has made reference to Clarel Senses, a new business model that redefines the traditional concept of retail.

«We are in a moment of transformation with the challenge of not losing our essence. 53% of our customers are loyal and it was one of our main challenges. We needed to evolve the brand while preserving our DNA

You can listen to the full interview at The Magic of Advertising, June 23, 2023