Air Rail

A brand that drives the expansion of a company

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Air Rail is a company specialized in the importation of airport, railway, port and industrial machinery, which after 27 years facing new challenges and overcoming them, transforms its brand to consolidate itself as a large international comprehensive services company with a multisector business approach.

When you believe in what you do

The real added value of Air Rail services is its equipment. A truth on which to build a committed and expert brand that offers comprehensive services, being able to provide concrete and effective solutions to each project.

That's how it is and that's how the brand speaks. From efficiency and solution, putting the customer at the center.

A renewed brand that transmits that ability to adapt, without neglecting the expertise of years in the market, faithful to the reality of what they are today and what they can be.

The balance between strength and flexibility

A company that transforms itself depending on the specific needs of each customer, credible and leader, needed a new identity capable of projecting it.

A wordmark of solid typography that refers to its industrial sector with slight modulations to represent the human character, is accompanied by a symbol that evolved to convey a renewed strategy, showing flexibility that around a focus, provides the ability to approach from projects the smallest, even the largest.

In its color palette and photographic style, Air Rail's leadership and confidence, as well as its warmth, closeness and adaptability, are represented. Always in balance.

A leading brand, always looking to the future

The development of all its brand communication and corporate site transfers the idea of ​​a homogeneous and consolidated brand, capable of dimensioning its reality, strengthening the company from within and projecting a strong image abroad.