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A family of pharmacists with several pharmacies had the need to unify their different businesses under the same concept of service and attention to obtain better operational efficiency, better serve their customers and optimize their costs.

For Baud, the key to this project was the union of the needs of our client with those of the consumer, so it was important that all his years of service, knowledge and vocation give shape to the new brand through a family culture of professional care. customer and constant innovation.


The new business model, conceived in a new flagship pharmacy, thus had two fundamental challenges. In the first place, act as the spearhead of the family project. And second, be relevant and competitive in your own location. But beyond these challenges, there was a greater opportunity capable of generating multiplied and sustainable value: transforming the model of its pharmacies.


We study, imagine and develop a transforming pharmacy model, not only for our client, but for an entire sector. A model that combines the best of the profession - proximity, long-term relationship of trust and specialized advice - with the most avant-garde retail, capable of generating value for the customer and for the company.

The result? A brand, an optimized group and a philosophy of its own where all your current and future pharmacies fit. And where the pharmacist is the real key.

From traditional pharmacy to "new apothecary"

We started the project with an in-depth auditing process of major local trends and realities, which helped us uncover the least covered needs and the most interesting opportunities. Reflection led us to realize that the new model had to take the best of two worlds to offer it to the customer. Two worlds in a new transformative concept: new apothecary.

Activating transformation from purpose

A transformation channeled and driven through real purpose is a transformation with a higher probability of sustained success. It is activated and evolves in a true tandem between company and client, in which both contribute and receive in a long-term value relationship.

The pharmacy family strives for its customers to live longer and better, and it achieves this through the commitment of lifelong pharmacists, and the advancements of today's pharmacies. The customer, in turn, appreciates this genuine value by contributing to the relationship through loyalty in their purchases and continuous feedback to which the family responds to continue growing together.

A kind and novel name

When ideas are named, they become realities. For this reason, we are looking for a corporate name for the family's set of pharmacies. A name for the new flagship pharmacy and the other current and future pharmacies, which will project the new model of professional and almost daily care of its pharmacists to the customer and their quality of life, as well as the avant-garde of their pharmacies. A name that in turn would work within the framework of the Spanish health market, solid and at the same time pleasant. Thus, from the mix between affinity and novelty, Afinea was born.

The new way of connecting with people

We had in our hands the opportunity to transform a sector and we knew that, to achieve it, space should not be a final consequence, but an initial focus. The Consulting, Design and Retail teams worked together from the beginning to define the optimal and valuable experience that Afinea needed.

An optimized journey was integrated with a friendly and flexible design, capable of adapting to each person and need, building a high-value avant-garde space for customers and pharmacies.

Focus, plane and reality

We accompany Afinea throughout the transformation process, from conceptualization to activation. Putting all the ingredients into play in their proper measure and in due time to inaugurate, in the spring of 2021, an expert, functional, detailed and scalable space that can already be experienced in its first “Flagship” and whose model is ready to continue growing .

Exceeding all expectations

The opening week was a success, exceeding customer expectations regarding the number of visitors by 109%. And sales have grown steadily since then.

In the words of our client: "the new pharmacy is a different and dynamic space, in which both employee and customer are comfortable, we transmit what we were looking for and allow us to work beyond the drug".