Multiply the positive impact on society

Adapt, find new ways to add value and connect with social demands.

Respond to social challenges

Digitization, the connection with the changing society, the improvement of its communication or the search for efficiency and sustainability are some of the challenges for social enterprises and non-profit organizations today.

For private companies, it is the growing demand for transparency or the pressure for greater involvement in matters that concern us all.

At Baud we work together with them on these strategic, reputational and operational challenges to make them more agile institutions and adapted to the demands of society, with a shared objective: to increase their social impact.

We promote Social contribution

We help Social Organizations and companies in the development of projects to increase the impact of their contribution to society.

  • Research and Studies of New Audiences
  • Search for Active Contribution to New Sectors
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Trademark Activation, Actions and Management


Social in the new era

According to the Observatory of Corporate Social Responsibility, this is defined as "a way of running companies based on managing the impacts that their activity generates on their clients, employees, shareholders, local communities, the environment and on society in general" .

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