Today the networks are more social than ever

By Javier Arenas, member of the Baud team.

And suddenly the posturing is over

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Today social networks live up to their name.
They are not so individual anymore, an instrument to give the ego a shine

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Now yes, they are already social.

They are the place where we share, the good, the bad, work, recipes, to cook or to be motivated, some exercises, some to have the best glutes and others with equations so that children do not become fools from seeing so much the TV.

“Hey, don't forget about me. I'm here!
I love u
Are you all okay?
Look at this website with free noir movies.
This virtual live tour of the Prado Museum… ”.
Well, I wasn't planning on going to museums this morning, but look, it's appreciated.

Today sharing is keeping our footprint printed. It is to feel that we are still here, breathing, occupying a place in space.
It is not to be fading little by little like Marty McFly in the photographs.

Sharing is yelling.
Share to stay as alive as ever and make others feel very alive.
So please don't stop sharing.

Image by Fabrizio Verrecchia.