Organic Brands®: The Methodology to Create Brands with Impact

In an ever-changing world, we face unprecedented challenges, from growing economic inequality to the climate crisis and rapid digital transformation.

In this context, companies and their brands have the responsibility and the opportunity to generate a positive impact on society and the planet.
Organic Brands® is an innovative methodology that approaches brand building and management from a human-centered and organic perspective.

This methodology, developed by Baud, combines the best consulting practices and emphasizes the importance of emotions and human connection in creating strong and sustainable brands over time.

The Organic Brands® methodology is made up of several phases that provide companies with a comprehensive roadmap to develop authentic, resilient and socially responsible brand strategies.
By approaching the branding process from an empathetic perspective, we encourage the creation of brands that resonate with your stakeholders on an emotional level, building loyalty, trust, and long-term commitment.

One of the main aspects that distinguishes this methodology is its focus on the social and human impact of brands. By defining the purpose, vision and values ​​of a brand, it is sought that these are aligned with the needs and expectations of today's society and that they actively contribute to improving people's lives and the environment in which we live.
This commitment is translated into concrete actions throughout the entire process; From the investigation and analysis of the perceptions and emotions of the stakeholders to the creation of a narrative and design that reflects this human world.

At Baud we focus on creating emotional and meaningful connections between brands and people. In addition, the organic approach of our method implies that brands constantly evolve and adapt to the changing needs and expectations of society. By having a monitoring and evaluation process in place, companies can ensure that their brands remain relevant, authentic and accountable in an ever-changing world where companies can forge strong and lasting relationships with their stakeholders, while contributing to well-being. of people.

Organic Brands® represents an evolution in the world of branding, taking the approach towards a more human and organic environment that takes into account the social impact of brands through the creation of products and services that improve the quality of life of people and the contribution to initiatives and projects that address social and environmental challenges.

This orientation towards social and human impact, a solid culture, strengthens the perception of the brand in the market and attracts consumers, partners and talents who share its objectives. By demonstrating authentic commitment, brands can build valuable emotional capital and differentiate themselves.