Primary and secondary sector to make a country great

By Clara López, member of Baud's team.

It has been a tough day, but also efficient and rewarding. He is part of the team of a startup that is working for a better future for the housing market. Turn off your computer for today and walk lightly with your ecological shoes of Alicante design and manufacture to have a wine with your friends. An Albariño, of course. She doesn't stop to think that entrepreneurs like her, designers and manufacturers like those of her slippers, and farmers and winemakers with her glass of wine, are making a country great.

We are experiencing a global upheaval that accelerates the changes that were coming and establishes certain fundamental affirmations. One of them is the need to re-boost the primary and secondary sectors, specifically, agriculture, livestock, forestry, mining, handicrafts, industry or energy. The question is how.

Certainly, regulation and policies are important. Also the responsibility of consumers, the growing concept of consumer-activist. The third vertex is the people and organizations of the primary and secondary sectors and who we collaborate with them. People and organizations that we have to continue to work building a stronger, more resilient and better future for our community.

Talking about the future is talking about intersectoral macro-trends that must be integrated in an accelerated manner. Digitization, sustainability, diversity, security, resilience and entertainment repeatedly mentioned in other insights. Also assume as your own the 5 specific trends of the heterogeneous primary and secondary sectors.

1. Innovation from companies

The R + D + i area is having more and more weight in the organizations of the primary and secondary sector. Scientists, engineers, sociologists working together not to invent and develop one more functionality, but a relevant advance for people. Knowledge of people today is as important as that of technologies to build the future that society and each client need.

2. Employees first

In a world dominated by services, knowledge and creativity, beyond the definition and methods of each organization, there is the value of the team. An organic and synergistic group of irreplaceable people with knowledge and sensibilities that will work as the best gear, maximizing the potential of each project. People who must be constantly attracted, retained and developed, placing them at the center of every decision, every internal communication and every project. By reserving the place they deserve, we will be able to advance along any path that we propose.

3. Origin that I love you, origin

In a global competition scenario, it might make sense for each continent to specialize in one link in the chain. However, the politics and management of this utopia would be practically endless, especially in troubled times. That is why the need for local consumption is growing: food, cosmetics, fashion, technology or energy, at the level of the final consumer, and also of the client-company. This leaves us with two tasks. On the one hand, the preference for the purchase of raw materials and community technologies, on the other, the transmission of the story that transmits that sensitivity and pride to our audiences.

4. Total confidence

In today's world, we cannot fail. We cannot fail at an environmental, social, technological or safety level. We must give priority to the follow-up and improvement of complete and exquisite processes that we gradually grease with the changing demands of our audiences. Still, there will be times when we fail. But it will be tremendously useful if we manage it with humility, naturalness, transparency and reward, and especially if we learn from it.

5. Visibility and recognition

If you don't tell, they don't know. If they don't know, the chances of being recognized and valued are eliminated. Many companies fail at poor segmentation, targeting only their immediate customers. The prioritization of targets is essential, but so is leaving room for society to get to know us. We must not neglect the importance of our story, imagination and presence in spaces that exceed our category, promote our meaning and at the same time reinforce the relationship with our closest audiences.

Organizations in the primary and secondary sector are advancing rapidly, embracing the trends while carving out a unique path with constant vision, alliances, effort and follow-up. In short, they are paving the way for a better future, a future in which they have a greater, more valuable weight and, ultimately, a weight that contributes to all.


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Image by Scott Goodwill