Interview with Rafael Martínez-Avial, Tíanimal

Interviews with clients and friends of Baud

Client: Tiendanimal.
Interviewed: Rafael Martínez-Avial, CEO.
Interviewer: Clara López, member of the Baud team.
Interview date: April 15, 2020.

Image: Rafael Martínez-Avial, CEO of Trendenimal.

In the framework of Interviews with Clients and Friends of Baud, from which we try to contribute to giving a voice to those who tell us the most interesting and current things, today we interview Rafael Martínez-Avial, CEO of Tiendanimal.

Rafael defines himself as a normal person, with the likes and hobbies that we all share: spending time with his loved ones, nature, sport ... But since Baud we know that he is much more than that, he is an expert, inspiring and transcendent figure in the business world.

He grew up as a professional in multinational and multisectoral environments to, in recent years, promote Tíanimal from the online store that it was, to the reference brand that it is today, multiplying its channels, employees and billing, learning from the processes and guts of the company to respond to the consumer in a scalable way.

As CEO, he is the 'team player' that sports values ​​have marked him, and ethics, equanimity and, above all, common sense prevail as much as possible. Sense that you are applying these days in your business and your life to get out of this crisis in the best possible way, and that today we have the privilege of knowing through your own words.

Interviewer: Rafael, how do you see the current situation regarding the coronavirus?

Rafael: I live it with great concern because I believe that it is a very important cataclysm in our lives primarily because of health and then because of the consequences for the consumer, politics… it will mark before and after.

E: Talking about different studies and initiatives that we are seeing these days, for example, the data of 81% of Spanish consumers who affirm that the efforts of brands in this crisis have a positive impact on their purchase consideration, or the initiative #together of the best-known brands on the national scene, how do you value them as a consumer and as an entrepreneur?

A: I firmly believe in it. As a consumer and as an entrepreneur. We are all more sensitive and permeable and inclinedAdded to assessing the qualitative aspects, now the price is a secondary variable and the brand values ​​are more important. But beware, these values ​​must be true, respond to deep and authentic interests, rooted in your company and the market in which it operates. If this is not the case, it always moves outwards and ends I don't knowOnly by not adding, but by subtracting.

"The values ​​must be true, respond to deep and authentic interests, rooted in your company and the market in which it operates."

I: How did you become a Tíanimal? Tell us about the solidarity initiatives you are carrying out.

A: In reality, what we have done since Tíanimal is a small grain of sand in the middle of countless positive initiatives. Apart from some economic contribution, we have donated merchandise that has served as raw material to manufacture essential sanitary material, specifically, we have donated dog underpants with which apparently masks could be made.

E: Tell us about other initiatives that positively surprise you.

A: What I liked the most is the spontaneous show of young people who help their neighbors by offering themselves through posters in their neighborhoods. This spontaneous and common understanding that in times of difficulty you have to unite. That solidarity and the image of the aid posters are a drop of water in the ocean, but I give it a lot of qualitative value

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Then there are business initiatives such as the deferral of Naturgy invoices, which are basically not bad.

"We would not be the humanity that we are if the dog had not existed."

I: How do you think post-coronavirus life will be? How are things going to change?

A: I see the short term very worrying because it is loading people and companies

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. But I want to see it more positive in the long term, making us more supportive, more human, less materialistic, recovering the community, going back to the local, valuing more those little things that we took for granted ...

I remember a lot these days the last trip I made a week before the State of Alarm. I went skiing, like every year at that time, I experienced it as something habitual and it is incredible how much I value it in the past.

I think that Southern Europe and Latinos will also change a lot in the medium term, our culture of touching, socializing ... we are going to do it differently, getting used to greeting differently, avoiding crowds, paying attention to safety, hygiene, health… When the vaccine arrives and we feel safe, we may recover that culture, but it will not be the same.

E: How will this change be at the business level? How is your company preparing for it?

A: This crisis is going to mean a drastic reinvention of companies. An important point will be the importance of the omulti-channel, although reinterpreted from this new point of view. If before it was captured online, it was loyal to the store and not much attention was paid to other channels, from now on all that will change.

In Tíanimal we raised the store como the place where you can find all the products you needed for your pet, and enjoy walking around it, spending time in it sharing space and experiences with other owners and animals ... Now that is touched and we will probably open new, smaller, nearby stores, with storage space, but fewer references, practical to buy what you need and leave, and yet spend time and build loyalty in the online environment. We are also opening and strengthening other channels such as the telephone or WhatsApp.

"If before it was captured online, it was loyal to the store and not much attention was paid to other channels, from now on all that will change."

Another important point about the reinvention of companies will be teleworking, its implementation will be more radical. The company that does not allow teleworking a few days a week will be outdated. They will have to get good equipment and connection to work from home, there will be fewer traffic jams in the morning, less pollution ... a very significant change.

And another important point about that business reinvention will be the greater importance of true Corporate Social Responsibility and rooted in your reason for being. In the looming panorama, the role of companies will be fundamental to contribute to society and the planet from their unique contribution.

In Tíanimal we have always been very close to the world of the pet logically and in particularr, to the dog world, and it has always motivated us to give back to the dog what the dog has given us. We would not be the humanity that we are if the dog had not existed.

«I see the short term as very worrying, but I want to see it more positive in the long term. I even want to believe that there will be greater international cooperation in favor of global humanity.

This situation vto help all of us become more aware and row together for a better world. I even want to believe that this moment is going to be a catalyst for greater international cooperation against individual struggles and in favor of global humanity. A concern that already existed and that will be driven by the new context and the new generations.those.

Images provided by Tíanimal.