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Baud, new member of Aebrand

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Baud has recently become part of Aebrand, the Spanish Association of Branding Companies, the only Spanish body made up of the most important agencies and consultancies in the country in charge of promoting, disseminating and protecting professional branding as a relevant, necessary and effective practice management tool for companies, institutions, territories and governments.

Branding and packaging in action before the cameras of Cuatro

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In the last program of Cuatro La Incubadora de Negocios, Baud's team sets off to reformulate the branding and redesign the packaging of Turrolate Galenda, a traditional Cordovan sweet created by three sisters from memories of the taste of their childhood.

Circle of Fine Arts Exhibition

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Two Baud projects have been selected by the curators of the exhibition “Produce, Consume, Recicla. Packaging and Packaging Design ”that will take place at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

Exhibition IED Madrid

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The well-known European Institute of Design in Madrid is going to carry out a special project called “El Escaparate” in its Business Area, where projects by former students and collaborators will be exhibited to promote both.

Posted in Select G

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We have just received in our studio a copy of the book Select - G by Indexbook, where the best designs in the national field are collected annually.

Articles About Baud

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In recent months we have received mentions in different media and blogs from designers about our projects.