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For all brands and especially for a brand like Red Bull, it is vitally important that talent is aligned with the brand, talent committed to the promise of promoting its stakeholders, capable of projecting it and connecting with them through knowledge, but, above all, the attitude.


As part of its expansion plan in Spain, Red Bull needed to attract two types of talent. On the one hand, specific profiles selected for central offices. On the other, and to a greater extent, university profiles such as Brand Ambassadors, Wings Red Bulls, Public Relations, Staff for Events ...


Together, we started a strategy around three fundamental pillars: expert knowledge of the Red Bull brand, pride in belonging to society and shared with the candidate / employee's friends, and extreme fun.

Culture and attitude

The strategy began to be activated in an Employer Branding plan and materialized in a leading way on a site with attractive messages adapted to talent. We developed behind a whole coherent system that began with the filtering and qualifying tests, and continued with the material and onboard training program for new employees.

The specialist profiles followed a more personalized selection path and the university profiles, more automated in their initial phases. But both lived the brand as one more, even before their first day of work.

Once integrated into the team, a Culture and Brand Engagement program was implemented that fostered the commitment and motivation of all employees with the brand. A united team, strong and capable of giving wings.