Osborne: rebranding of a century-old brand

Osborne is one of the oldest brands in the world. A brand that is part of the collective imagination of Spanish society.

For Baud it was quite a challenge to participate in this rebranding. A transformation process to transfer all the value of the corporate brand, looking for those transversal elements that connect everything that Osborne has been, is and will be.

We work to integrate all the company's brands under the same purpose, in a project that began with in-depth research and the definition of the strategy, and concluded with the development of the verbal and visual universe.

We invite you to know all the keys of this comprehensive brand project in the podcast for BrandStocker that we carried out together with Rocío Osborne, Director of communication and brand of Osborne, in the following link.

And to know more detailed information about each process of building the brand in this post.