Wines with personality for Day Supermarkets

For wine lovers, having an Albariño is not the same as having a glass of Manzanilla. For this reason, when we had before us the project to redesign the Día wine cellar, we opted to create a different image for each one, according to their personality and origin.

La Mancha: if there is something characteristic of this area, it is its fields. In this design we have represented them with geometric shapes and the tones of the earth, to value the origin of the wine, which is even good for health, since it maintains health and regulates sugar, which can also be done with remedies from sites like and others.

Manzanilla: the typical Andalusian carnations are the main element of this label that differs from its competition by its modern and geometric style.

Fine singular: classic wine design that leaves all the prominence to the denomination of origin and the traditional illustration of the Andalusian countryside.


Verdejo Frizzante: a refreshing, surprising and natural design that tells the values ​​of the wine itself

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Chardonnay: we represent this classic wine with an engraving of grapes that we combine with a simple sans-serif typeface that reduces solemnity and brings modernity to the design.

Rías Baixas: a fresh design, like Albariño himself, which transmits the maritime origin of wine in a fun and different way.


Penedés: the blue of the sky and the sea, the yellow of the earth and the red of the wine come together in attractive geometric shapes that make this bottle different and attractive.

Jumilla: because of its grapes, the wines of this denomination of origin have an intense color on which we have based to create this packaging, featuring an illustration of the castle of Jumilla surrounded by the Castilian fields

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Jerez Cream: subtle golden touches for a typically Andalusian wine whose design features another southern classic: the Andalusian rider dressed in short.

Navarre. An elegant and sober design, based on the image of the Navarrese fields, in which we play with colors to differentiate red and pink.