The seed of change

  • Brand Definition


Sheedo was born in 2015 from a smart and responsible idea designed to revolutionize the paper industry. A solid alliance with a master papermaker, a lot of effort and the courage to want to change things became a reality through the development of his most iconic product, a paper with seeds created from waste that, after use, could be planted. Since then, Sheedo has kept alive his commitment to democratize a more sustainable lifestyle for all people through diversifying his business.


New generations of consumers, more demanding, informed and aware than ever, expect more from the brands with which they interact. Brands that become one more ally, that share the same concerns and that are there to support them.


Sheedo, since its creation, has accepted the challenge of reconnecting people with nature through products and services that make sustainability tangible in our day-to-day lives. A business that has grown steadily, expanding its business lines to better respond to the demands of its audiences, both B2B and B2C. It is at this moment that we began to work to create a differentiating verbal and visual discourse that would provide solidity to its corporate brand and, at the same time, achieve specialization and uniqueness in each sub-brand to establish lasting and specific emotional connections with all their targets.

To create a cross-brand expression that could also be adapted to its sub-brands (Sheedo Studio, Sheedo Moments, Sheedo Life and Sheedo Papers), we bet on highlighting those common edges that make up Sheedo's own personality: craftsmanship, optimism and naturalness. A universe of messages and graphic resources that provide coherence to the corporate portfolio allowing business growth in each range of products and services.

The work process, with great involvement on the part of the Sheedo team, allowed us to refine our sensitivity to convey everything that the brand represents: a philosophy of shared life that goes beyond a role that becomes a plant.

Today Sheedo is a brand that projects professionalism and consistency without neglecting what really makes it unique, its human, natural and respectful character to people and the planet.