Rolling Stones tongue design

This year is the 50 anniversary of some of the best known Rock n 'Roll bands: The Rolling Stones. We do not know if it will be the oldest band of its own genre, but we can assure that it is one of the most influential groups in the history of contemporary music and with it its logo and Branding.

Although many believe that the most famous language in the world was designed by  Andy Warhol, is not correct; it was created by John pasche  while studying graphic design at the Royal College of Art in London. Mick Jagger was the one who commissioned pasche in the 70s who designed the emblematic band logo. For it he paid only 50 pounds (about 75 euros).

Cover and back cover of Sticky Fingers album. Rolling Stones

The logo first appeared on the disc Sticky Fingers in 1971. However, the cover of this album was designed by Andy WarholHence the frequent confusion that he had been the creator of the brand. Years later the original design of the language was auctioned for about 250 thousand pounds (about 310 thousand euros). And all the money was donated in favor of an organization fighting cancer in London. For me one of the Logos - isotypes that has best survived throughout the decades, with great visual power and that has certainly not gone out of style.

For the 50th Anniversary, the band commissioned a commemorative logo design from Shepard Fairey, known as OBEY. Although personally I think all the credit is in the original.

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