Become a Simpa: The VoIP App with Baud identity

Become a Simpa is the new Voice IP application of Mobile Republic. A service that makes communication even easier by allowing users to speak for free through their data rate. At Baud we take care of designing the visual identity of the brand, the App was carried out by Cloud District. It is one of the many apps that can be enjoyed online, where there are a variety of applications and sites where you can download music until you have a alarm comparator.

 iPhone-6 - Mockup-26-4

For the creation of the identity we rely on the codes of the endorsement brand, República Móvil, using the point as the representative element of the bond between people.
A powerful image that transmits the main values ​​of the brand: spontaneity, transparency and connectivity.
In addition, we selected a striking color palette to define an easy and direct interface, which conveys the simplicity of use of the app itself.

iPhone-6 - Mockup copy copy