The fascinating world of the everyday life

By Silvia De Diego, member of the Baud team.

There are situations that move us to develop skills that we did not know we had. Skills dormant from the restraint we submit to as adults, or simply from their lack of use.

We have been in confinement for 11 days and a roll of toilet paper is no longer a roll of toilet paper, it is now a ball and a national challenge.

Today we find it easier to find charm, beauty, humor, or uniqueness in everyday things.

And thank goodness, because it is also something necessary.

In the most domestic everyday we can also find the necessary inspiration to give shape to our ideas.

This is how, suddenly, but with the information latent in the brain for months, during a naming project, a noise in the kitchen is not just a noise, it is a new name for a young brand in the form of onomatopoeia.

Because we are awake. Wide awake.
Ready to find inspiration in everything around us, with heightened senses and alert minds.

We are learning to admire what we have seen many times before.

Trying to perceive every last detail, its meanings, real or not.

That nuance in the form of a spark that activates our imagination.

It may be the shapes in the semi-darkness that the slats of a blind reveal, a painting that we are tired of seeing and that today is different, the sound of the jet of water falling before brushing our teeth ...

Our ability to create has the opportunity to get in shape.

Today, nothing like our imagination will allow us to go further.

Because as Kafka said: “The everyday in itself is already wonderful. I do nothing but consign it ".

Image by Brigitte Tohm.