Getting to know Andrea Montes, Baud Consultant

Interviews with Baud members

Interviewed: Andrea Montes, Consultant.
Date of the interview: June 15, 2020.

We continue with the new content framework in which we can get to know the members of our team a little better, those who build Baud. Andrea, Strategy Consultant, defines herself as someone who wants to learn, improve, grow and grow. Empathetic, hard-working and responsible, she creates, with sensitivity and rigor, honest brands that positively influence people's lives.

Why have you chosen Branding as a profession?

I believe in the brand as a powerful tool that is capable of promoting great changes at a social, economic, political or environmental level. I chose Branding for the personal purpose of building strong and responsible long-term brands, which look beyond their business figures to connect with people accepting their responsibility to improve our world.

What is the best thing about your job?

Without a doubt, knowing and deepening in clients and sectors so varied because it is a great opportunity to learn and have more perspective.

And the worst?

In consulting you always depend a lot on the client's calendar and, when you have to face a project with very limited time, it is more complicated and less satisfactory for the whole team.

What is the project or brand that you have been involved in and of which you are most proud? Why?

I couldn't just have one. In general, I am very excited to contribute to the growth of sustainable, local and human brands, which are a life project for the client.

What brand / s would you like to work for? Why?

For any brand that wants to be an agent of change and positive impact for people and the planet.

What does working at Baud bring you?

Baud has taught me and teaches me a lot every day, both professionally and personally. Perhaps, what I value the most is that I have been able to develop my most creative side because here, even strategic development goes hand in hand with creativity.

For you, what are the best qualities that a professional in your area should have?

I believe that it is essential to develop empathy with the client and with the team, cultivate a curious and creative view of the world and face complexity from the calm.

How do you see the future of your profession in a few years? What changes do you think may emerge?

I am confident that brands will take an essential role in redefining certain consumer realities or habits, even being the driving force and the most visible face of many social movements. Brands are going to have to position themselves and really get involved if they want to be relevant to their consumers.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your profession?

Always remember that what a consumer expects from a brand is the same as what they expect from a person: authenticity, empathy, honesty and dialogue.

In a nutshell…

  • A reference: my father.
  • A confessable mania: always put end points when writing.
  • A book you would recommend: JK Rowling's Harry Potter literary series.
  • Your ideal music to work with: Spotify's Minimalism playlist.
  • A phrase that is your mantra: Full effort is full victory.
  • A plan to disconnect: Bicycling.
  • Something surprising about you: I have a rhythmic gymnastics club. Half of my day I dedicate myself to Branding in Baud and, the other half, I am in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club baleryna training my students.