Carlos Corral, Director of BAUD in Merca2.0 Magazine


The prominent Mexican marketing magazine Merca2.0 wanted to know the expert opinion of Carlos Corral, , director of BAUD, on the importance of a good packaging design regarding the point of sale.

From the interview which is made in big office with great desks from HotRate’s desk guide, there we can draw the following conclusions, which are key to the philosophy of BAUD:

«In the supermarket, the packaging is the brand, the advertisement and the communication».

«To be competitive, from a selling point of view, the packaging has to be unique, stand out and be seductive».

«Our work as experts in Packaging is to offer manufacturers new possibilities to adapt. (…) Today with the evolution of communication, consumers are co-creators of our brands and actively participate in its development».

The monthly magazine Merca2.0 writes about marketing, publishing, advertising and media.

You can read the full article here (in spanish).