Archy Welfare

A new brand for a new concept of optics

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In a sector as polarized as the optical industry is born ARCHY WELFARE to be the alternative that responds with high guarantees to the demands of today's consumers.

Large franchises, local businesses and small elite businesses make up the competitive context of this sector in which it is not easy to access high-quality services that do not compromise price but also design.

The true style is to take care of yourself

ARCHY WELFARE's strategic value proposition has been based on its deep understanding not only of vision health but also of fashion and people's current needs.

ARCHY WELFARE is positioned as a brand that offers the best service and the best care for each client without having to renounce the great trends at a good price. A brand capable of creating a professional as well as elegant atmosphere that generates physical and emotional well-being. Because it is only wellness if you look good and feel good.

The strategic development of the brand has contributed to positioning it as a benchmark in design and well-being at the service of the client, thus promoting its differentiation.

Elegance and care in every detail

Through the visual work developed, an elegant and minimalist personality has been created that brings the visual codes of the fashion industry closer to this new concept of optics.

ARCHY WELFARE is a brand that is committed to creating personalized experiences in which each client, each glasses and each service is the most important. This is reflected in all its graphic elements, from the logo, the website, communication and corporate applications to the retail environment, in which it has sought to give space and prominence to what is truly essential in its formal construction.

Visual resources at the service of sophistication

A sophisticated brand in its chromaticism, in its typography and, ultimately, in all its expression that makes simplicity its maximum hallmark.

Una visual identity contemporary and memorable capable of transmitting everything that ARCHY WELFARE is: knowledge and trend, vocation and elegance, care and great quality.