Advertising and Design in Clouds

A company of advertising has developed an innovative method to produce soapy shapes that float in the air like clouds. The novelty is that thanks to the formula they use to make them and the use of templates, these clouds can reproduce logos or shapes to support promotions, business announcements and design. NintendoFor example, he used this system in a recent campaign for his character Kirby.

An environmentally friendly soap formula produces a lightweight structure of up to 45 inches in diameter and fly in the air

Stencils with specific shapes make bubbles playable logos, designs and geometric shapes.

The bubbles are helium filled -a gas lighter than air- that allows clouds to fly into the sky. Depending on the weather conditions, each cloud can last from 5 to 45 minutes while maintaining its shape.

We look forward to seeing a promotion like this freak through the skies of Madrid.