Make visible the value of the intangible

The valuation and choice of one brand or another does not depend so much on their products and services, but on what they represent. This need requires continuous movement and progress, at the pace set by society.

A change of meaning

Social values ​​are being transformed and with them the meaning of Fashion and Luxury.

Quality and exquisiteness are a must have that consumers take for granted and the element that tips the balance between one brand or another is not the products themselves, but what they represent.

We promote the potential of Luxury

At Baud we analyze and exploit the particularities of the Fashion and Luxury sector to offer innovative solutions that allow companies to improve profitability and relevance.

  • Advanced Analytics, Consumer Study & Research
  • Brand Vision and Strategy
  • Portfolio Organization
  • Differential Brand Experiences
  • New Sales Channels and Marketplaces
  • Ecommerce of Fashion and Online Services
  • Flagship Stores and Retail Design
  • Growth Roadmap


Changes in fashion consumption and the adaptation of Inditex

The world of fashion is experiencing significant changes in consumption patterns, and the first year of Marta Ortega at the head of Inditex reflects how one of the main companies in the sector has faced these changes.

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Art and Brands

Art is capable of awakening many and very different sensations and nuances. It is what makes us human since prehistoric times, expression for expression, aesthetics for aesthetics. It elevates what it touches, perhaps because it is created from, and reaches into, the deepest part of the human being and the connection between us.

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