Internet to Power

Internet has already become the most consumed medium in Spain, with 12,1 hours a week per Internet user, more than one point above tv whose consumption is 11,7 hours per week, 11% less than in 2004

Consumption radio is 10,9 hours per week, 22% less than in 2004, while that of newspapers is 4,4 hours per week and that of magazines 3,6 hours.

l 32% of Spanish respondents say "Feel lost" without television, compared to an average 27% among Europeans, and in the case of the Internet this figure drops to 22% in Spain, compared to 35% in Europe.

The study reveals that 178 million Europeans, representing 60% of its population, regularly connect to the internet an average of 12 hours per week, of which 18,4 million are Spanish, especially those between 35 and 54 years old

While in Europe 84% of Europeans are engaged in 'online' searches, in Spain it is 63%, but it exceeds the European average in connection with social networks, 47% compared to 41% for the European average, or music downloads: 37% compared to 26% for the European average.

In the last months, 79% of the Spanish respondents made some purchase 'online' and they spent 521 euros on average, mostly on train or plane tickets, vacations, music or movie and theater tickets.