Winners of the 2021st Aebrand Awards for Best Social Impact Brand XNUMX by Sheedo

We are proud to be able to share with you our award at the 2021st Aebrand Awards for the Best Social Impact Brand XNUMX for our work to Sheedo.

Sheedo is seed paper created from waste that can be planted after use. We worked on the reconceptualization of the brand, developing a vision that connected with the concerns of the target and that internally provided a path by which to continue building the company: to be a benchmark in sustainable alternatives to disposable products.

The work process was based on highlighting the craftsmanship, optimism and naturalness of the brand, for which the concept of being 'the seed of change'. All of this materialized through the brand's tone of voice, key messages and a graphic universe that conveyed a philosophy of shared life, beyond the product itself.

We invite you to see the complete case of how we built the Sheedo brand here.