Circle of Fine Arts Exhibition

Two projects of have been selected by the curators of the exhibition “Produce, Consume, Recicla

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. Packaging and Packaging Design ”that will take place at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid

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We attach the related press release

“The State Society ddi is pleased to invite you to the inauguration of the exhibition Produce, Consume, Recicla. Packaging and packaging design. An exhibition curated and designed by the Lagranja Design studio.

Wednesday April 29th 2009 8pm
Juana Mordó Room - Circle of Fine Arts

In the words of the curators:
“As citizens of the welfare society we are great consumers and devourers of huge amounts of products that in most cases are wrapped in packaging that seduces us by its image. Our voracity induces us to open them with impatience and let go of them without conscience ... Use and throw, use and throw ...
But have you ever wondered how a can of beer is made? Why do we buy on impulse? How are glass, plastic and paper recycled ...?
Produce, Consume, Recicla is the visual answer to these questions.
A set of facilities that make us reflect on the life cycle of objects born to wrap, protect, contain and communicate products for mass consumption "

The exhibition will remain open until June 28, 2009. "