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Corporate Editorial Design

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We are a leading consultancy in the design of annual reports, books and corporate catalogs.

Annual corporate reports, books, brochures or product catalogs.

Corporate annual reports have become very important within the internal communication of companies

Baud carries out the layout and composition of books, brochures, product catalogs or corporate annual reports, always looking for its own personality and style.

More about Corporate Editorial Design

Every year companies are faced with the need to collect their economic data, their most outstanding news, news, achievements and projects, and make them known to the public, management, shareholders or partners.

All this succession of data must be collected and arranged coherently so that they are attractive.

At Baud we find the best way to present them applying rigor and quality design. From the art direction of the project, photography management, graphics, illustrations, text editing, corrections and everything that is necessary to incorporate for a better understanding.

Our design studio offers you the most appropriate strategic solutions for each of them.

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