Create meanings beyond the image

By Alba Torres, member of the Baud team.

“7:30 am, the alarm clock rings. I pick up my phone to check social media. I scroll the screen without stopping even 2 seconds on each post. I see something that catches my attention. I pause for a moment, it racks up another like and hopefully a profile view."

This phrase could be from an investor, a consumer, a supplier, a journalist... Today, practically any of our audiences is connected on social networks.

Social networks, the place par excellence of the image, where we consider very few visual contents to be good enough, and yet they hook us to being connected all day.

Companies continually try to generate different content that attracts the attention of their audience, but we are no longer surprised by any publication. The digital environment and social networks have become our benchmark for judging both people and brands. And also in a channel in which to collect information before buying a product or service.

This will sound familiar to you, I discover a new brand and I immediately go to review its website and its social networks, I look at its feed, in their number of followers and in the number of likes and comments you have. If I don't like what I see, chances are I won't use your product or service and that brand will be forgotten.

And what can I do in this context to capture the attention of users? It might seem that for this you would have to get the perfect image: a good frame, with good lighting, colors that match each other...

An image out of focus, out of square, with disparate color ranges and unconnected elements would not fit in any feed. Or if?

The key may not lie in creating what would be socially considered a "perfect" image, but rather in creating the perfect content for our brand, one that conveys who we are and the values ​​we stand for. So simple and complex at the same time.

The form loses relevance compared to brand consistency. In this way, a brand, for example, of a nature reserve could show in its content images with great luminosity, vivid colors and reflect how nature coexists in its natural state, showing an image of harmony. Or, on the other hand, opt for content in black and white, showing the natural lines of a wild environment and sweeping with blurred lines, which would convey an image of strength.

Both options could succeed, because the important thing about the content we share is not only to offer a striking image, but also to be coherent and unified. An image that evokes meanings and arouses emotions. And for this, it is vital to have a strategy behind it that guides you, allowing you to know what to transmit with your content and how to do it, because the prestige of our brand and our position in the market will depend on the image we project.


Image of Gryffyn M