Covid-19: Adaptation and Movement

The reality that we are living these days due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus is complicated and unusual for everyone. Fortunately, for years, at Baud we have had systems that allow the delocalized development of our work. For this reason, last Monday we assumed our responsibility for the current health situation and decided to carry out our daily work in our homes.

Since then and thanks to technology, each member of our team works with agility and efficiency in each of our projects.
In less than a week we have completed common milestones of our consultancy such as:

  • Developed proposals for the packaging for a great international distribution leader.
  • Presented alternatives of naming for an emblematic Spanish publishing house.
  • Defined the strategic lines of a new concept of restoration.
  • Created a groundbreaking packaging for a new cleaning concept at an international level.
  • The way forward to implement a gastronomic brand historical of Madrid.

All this, hand in hand with each client, working together for the excellence of their projects.
And so we will continue. Helping brands to work remotely and willing to make their brand grow so that, together, nothing stops us.