Cosmology and brands

By Clara López, member of Baud's team.

Lockdown plan 320: sign up for a cosmology webinar. Done.

Absorbing sources of inspiration that previously devoured on the street, in new countries or with new people, now, online, there is no other choice. And thankful that the internet is full of cool stuff, other kinds of things, like cosmology webinars.

So I stand in front of the screen, with eyes and mind wide open, to see what I learn to win a Trivial, contribute to new bar conversations or build a brand. And I learn something fascinating.

The universe expands

We already knew that. It does not put us in an advantageous situation to win at Trivial. Because what is fascinating, as is often the case, is what lies behind this statement.

In the universe, at all levels - and therefore I venture to deduce from my humble interpretation as a consultant outside of cosmology, that also at the smallest level - there is approximately 30% attractive forces and 70% repulsive forces. So in the universal battle of forces, repulsion wins.

Overcome repulsion. And that's why the universe expands

And I find the Holy Grail of cosmic learning. And I am so happy that I share it. Because it is not learning that I can contribute to a brand, but I can integrate it into everything. Why if it affects the universe, it would affect people and it would affect brands.

And I wonder if these forces will have to do with some people or brands 'liking' us well and others badly. And that we rationalize the irrational by inventing causes such as style or tone of voice. When the true cause would be because, by the universe.

And I wonder if the same will happen with brands. If the maximum number of people with whom you can connect is 30% of your target, drinkers, athletes or parents. What if the most efficient way to bring companies closer to audiences will be finding their 30%, to those who go with your style, yours.

In people and companies, the important thing would not be to like everyone, that would be impossible.

The important thing would be to like yours

That would be the success. Stop forcing connections with impossible. Instead, get that 30% to know and love the company that naturally loves them. And the magnet would be forged. Those who join, against those who fight. A magnet that is difficult to break in which everything else, the haters, 70%, would take a backseat.

We strive to please everyone when it seems normal to generate rejection. So let's stop fooling ourselves and wasting time, Let's commit ourselves to that 30%, let's give them everything because they will give it back to us.

As the wise proverb said "each sheep with its partner." And cosmology confirms it.

Alexander Andrews image of the Orion Nebula.
Source: ΛCDM model, Spergel (Science, 2015).