Getting to know Cristina Torrecilla, Baud Project Manager

Interviews with Baud members

Interviewee: Cristina Torrecilla, Project Manager.
Date of the interview: July 1, 2020.

We continue with the new content framework in which we can get to know the members of our team a little better, those who build Baud. Cristina was born and raised in Logroño, studied in Pamplona and has lived in Madrid for more than 10 years. Responsible, patient and critical, she is somewhat shy at times, but in her own words, she has a good “reel” when she gains confidence. He studied Advertising and Public Relations, then he did a Master in Digital Marketing and worked in various advertising agencies until he reached Baud.

Why have you chosen Branding as a profession?

I have always liked communication in general in all its aspects. I started my professional career in various advertising agencies but I wanted to know and learn what the process of creating a brand was, the origin of everything, and then create a campaign.

What is the best thing about your job?

What I like most about my job is that I learn a lot every day about very different sectors and that the development of each project and brand are totally different. That makes not every day the same and monotonous.

And the worst?

Surely the pressure in times that sometimes exist.

What is the project or brand that you have been involved in and of which you are most proud?

I really enjoyed working on a brand of beer we made a couple of years ago, Raíz Cuadrada. As more recent jobs, I am really enjoying working for the Antartik brand as I am passionate about stationery.

What brand / s would you like to work for? Why?

I would like to work in an automotive brand. I love driving and it would be super interesting to be able to work on one of them.

What does working at Baud bring you?

At Baud I learn something new every day and I really like that. I also work with colleagues who I consider to be great professionals.

For you, what are the best qualities that a professional in your area should have?

Vision, creativity and honesty.

How do you see the future of your profession in a few years? What changes do you think may emerge?

This question is difficult to answer in these difficult times, but companies are going to have to learn to adapt to new consumption habits and they cannot be afraid of change.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your profession?

Take advantage of any opportunity they give you, no matter how small it may seem at first. And try to absorb knowledge of any colleague, regardless of the position or department in which he is.

In a nutshell…

  • A reference: Barak Obama.
  • A confessable mania: I get a little nervous when someone borrow a pen or highlighter from me ... I'm a maniac for office supplies 😉
  • A book you would recommend: The wind's shadow.
  • Your ideal music to work with: any kind of instrumental music.
  • A phrase that is your mantra: tomorrow will be a new day (when the day gets a little complicated).
  • A plan to disconnect: Terrace with friends and a very cool white wine.
  • Something surprising about you: the kitsch that I tell my dog. People who know me could not believe that so many nonsense comes out of my mouth.