Getting to know Carlos Rodríguez, Baud Business Development

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Interviewed: Carlos Rodríguez, Business Development.
Date of the interview: September 16, 2020.

Today we get to know Carlos, Baud Business Development a little better. He was born in Madrid in 83. He trained in the musical career specializing in violin for many years, he worked in the world of music with the main national orchestras and various chamber music and jazz formations. If you give him any instrument, he can have a good time messing around. Since 2005, a new professional challenge began working in business development departments of various companies in sectors such as telecommunications, construction and technology. In 2011 he joined the Baud project, where he has grown a lot both personally and professionally. He has been the father for less than two years to a beautiful girl who drives him crazy (in a good way). He has two great dogs named after rock stars. He defines himself as empathetic, communicative and constant.

Why have you chosen Branding as a profession?

The truth is that when I changed course and started working at Baud, I didn't think I was going to learn so much about brands. I really wanted to join a project like Baud's, which at that time was much smaller than we are today. I had many concerns in the digital field, I have always liked technology very much, and I started working mainly in that area. Little by little I was soaking up everything related to the creation and development of brands and I acquired many and very interesting knowledge. Over time we have managed to position ourselves among the best brand consultancies nationwide, something of which we are very proud.

What is the best thing about your job?

Constant learning. Every day you learn new things both personally and professionally. Each brand we work with brings us a great deal of information and knowledge. In a field like mine, this is very important, as it helps you face each new project, counting each time with a richer discourse. And of course, I am surrounded by a work team made up of excellent people and professionals who have ended up being like family to me.

And the worst?

The pressure generated by an operation in which you can no longer do more than wait for a decision to be made. Your work is done. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but until you receive the news there are moments of uncertainty in which it is difficult not to pick up the phone to ask how the process is going without being tiresome. I have quite a tolerance for frustration, but sometimes it gets uphill! Of course, when you win the satisfaction multiplies and if you lose nothing happens, to something else.

What is the project or brand in which you have been involved and of which you are most proud? Why?

That question is quite difficult to answer. There are so many projects that I am proud of at Baud ... But if I had to choose one, it would be the project for the fashion brand Mr. Boho. Going hand in hand and seeing a startup grow at the pace they have led is impressive. I have also learned a lot with this project, from strategy and brand creation, product development, a lot of e-commerce, photographic and video productions… One pass! It has been and continues to be a client with whom we have gone hand in hand for many years and over time we have created a friendly relationship with them. We have grown very hand in hand.

What brand / s would you like to work for? Why?

Through my geek vein, I would love to work for a great technology company that is a reference in innovation and that has set great trends such as Tesla or companies of its creator Elon Musk such as Space X, Hyperloop ...

What does working at Baud bring you?

Again constant learning. From my field, that of sales, I have learned to be very patient, to take both victories and defeats well, the discipline that comes with continuously monitoring your clients or potentials. In addition, the work environment is very good. It is from these companies that you feel very good about their philosophy and the great colleagues that surround you. At this time when we are remote, that part is sorely missed. The straws and stuff ... I hope they come back soon !!

For you, what are the best qualities that a professional in your area should have?

Humility, empathy, ability to relate, not giving up until the end and patience, a lot of patience ...

How do you see the future of your profession in a few years? What changes do you think may emerge?

The truth is that the situation we are currently facing makes it quite difficult to foresee how the sector will evolve in the future. Digitization has had to advance at a forced marches due to the pandemic and in that sense there are going to be great advances. Many companies are studying alternative routes to their traditional businesses and are greatly promoting the digital area of ​​their businesses.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your profession?

Read a lot about our area, learn a lot about a client and their industry before picking up the phone to be prepared. Ask your colleagues for their opinion if there is something you doubt or do not directly know. That you cultivate a lot of patience and always place yourself in the shoes of your interlocutor. Let him listen both inside and outside the company.

In a nutshell…

  • A reference: I could say any super name, but no. My parents and Beatriz, my partner, are my great references.
  • A confessable mania: I can't stand a messy computer or mobile desk. I have everything well classified by folders. Not having notification balloons on my mobile gives me a lot of inner peace ...
  • A book you would recommend: The last one I have read, Lemmy Kilmister's autobiography, of which I am a huge fan. I have loved all its history and it is as if Lemmy himself is telling you battles at the Rainbow Bar in West Hollywood.
  • Your ideal music to work with: It depends a lot on my mood. Because of my training as a musician, I listen to a lot of classical, but I also love rock. Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Creedence, Mötorhead, Metallica… are some of my favorite bands. In any case, I can't stop meeting new groups. I hate trap a lot, it gets on my nerves.
  • A phrase that is your mantra: sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. The normal thing is to lose. The most important thing is not to lose heart and go for the following.
  • A plan to disconnect: skiing, longboarding, going up to Cantabria and playing with my daughter for a while every day.
  • Something surprising about you: As I become obsessed with a topic, I go crazy and I can't stop reading, getting informed, and ultimately freaking out intensely… My last freak has been a home automation project in my house. I have automated everything. I can almost flush the toilet with my voice… I am also an excellent gardener !! Hehehe ...