Getting to know Alba Torres, Baud Consultant

Interviews with Baud members

Interviewed: Alba Torres, Consultant.
Date of the interview: July 31, 2020.

We continue with the content framework in which we can get to know the members of our team a little better, those who build Baud. Alba, a Strategy Consultant, is from a very small town in La Rioja, she studied Advertising in Salamanca and has been working in Madrid for three years. He believes that the important thing is to never stop learning and living experiences that nurture you as a professional. On a day-to-day basis, he believes that being a good partner is something fundamental in the profession, so if he can help you with something he will be delighted. Hardworking, empathetic and analytical. She loves doing research, finding the relevant findings for each client, and using them to grow her brand.

Why have you chosen Branding as a profession?

I came across branding when I did the master's degree and I was passionate about having the opportunity to build a brand and what it will mean from scratch or guide a company of hundreds of years in its renewal and preparation for the future. Help companies discover their value beyond offering a product or service, creating meanings that society really needs and that matter. Build brands that not only seek to evolve and improve themselves, but also to evolve and improve the world.

What is the best thing about your job?

The variety of sectors you work for and what you learn from them. Today you have to become an expert in haute cuisine and tomorrow an industrial engineer with revolutionary technology.

And the worst?

Time. In consulting, time is always very marked and conditioned by the urgency of the client and there are times when you would like to delve deeper into it.

What is the project or brand that you have been involved in and of which you are most proud? Why?

I could not stay with just one, but I like working with companies that seek to contribute their bit to improve the world, society or their community. Companies that do not care about their size, but their ability to contribute, be it on a large or small scale.

What brand / s would you like to work for? Why?

For any brand that appreciates the value of branding and is brave to bet on doing things differently.

What does working at Baud bring you?

Working at Baud allows me to bring out my most creative side. It may seem that when facing a strategic process you use more research, analytics and rational vision, but in Baud it is a process where what you have to use the most is creativity, which makes you challenge yourself in each project.

And an unbeatable work environment for the team we form, they are not only great professionals, but they are great colleagues.

For you, what are the best qualities that a professional in your area should have?

Something that seems very simple, but in many cases it is not so simple: having common sense. In almost all occasions it is the brand itself that tells you what you need, you just have to know how to see it.

How do you see the future of your profession in a few years? What changes do you think may emerge?

This question is difficult to answer at the moment in which we find ourselves. Society is demanding more and more from companies, which is leading companies to need to add value to society in order to be relevant and to seek differential value within their sector. In this context, the brand has a key role and knowing how to promote it is essential.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your profession?

That he be curious, that he look for the background of things, that he investigates a lot and that he does not settle for the first idea that occurs to him.

In a nutshell…

  • A reference: Tony Segarra.
  • A confessable mania: I always start reading my books from the last word on the last page.
  • A book you would recommend: the book that has marked me the most has been Metamorphosis by Kafka.
  • Your ideal music to work with: I change a lot, depending on the moment. Right now Sinsinati, Marlon, Leiva, Sidecars ...
  • A phrase that is your mantra: a phrase from my father “If a problem has a solution, why are you going to worry? And if you don't have it, why are you going to worry? "
  • A plan to disconnect: the sea.
  • Something surprising about you: tenacity, I know what I'm looking for and I don't give up easily.