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Brand Guardianship

Organic branding

At Baud we take care of the application of each brand with our Brand Guardianship service

The Brand Guardianship Service aims to manage and use a brand correctly, always supported by its truths and personality, thus ensuring the coherence and consistency of all points of contact.

Brand Guardianship Services

  • Brand management and monitoring
  • Parts monitoring and implementation
  • Management and repository of Brand Assets
  • Brand Reporting and Tracking

Give consistency across the Guardians

Thanks to the figure of Brand Guardian We manage to optimize the management of the brand and all its uses at the company's points of contact.

In the same way, we supervise and give consistency to all the points of contact where the brand comes to life; fairs, stands, posters, etc.

More about Brand Guardianship

Thanks to Brand Guardianship We can: Ensure the correct implementation and development of the brand, Strengthen the brand's membership in the company, Optimize processes, tools and communications and Protect the value of the brand above all else.

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