Baud renews the identity of Familia Gómez Moreno to promote its growth

  • Gomez Moreno Family is a family business that has more than a century of experience in the artisan production of authentic Manchego cheese.

  • Renews the corporate identity with the aim of boosting its growth and strengthening its position in the national and international market. Achieves an increase in sales of 22%.

  • It is a global brand project that covers strategy, architecture, naming, identity and packaging.

Gomez Moreno Family, a family business that has more than a century of experience in the artisan production of authentic Manchego cheese, has trusted Baud to enhance your growth through brand.

The consulting firm that runs Carlos Corral ha renewed brand strategy by Gómez Moreno, in a Transformation proccess which has strengthened its competitive position in the national and international market. At the end of December, the company has recorded an increase in sales volume of 22% compared to the same period of the previous year.  

From Baud an exercise has been carried out redefinition of the strategic platform of the brand, organization of brand architecture and product portfolio, evolution of visual and verbal identity, and the construction of a renewed narrative.

“A global exercise that provides content to the new parent brand -Familia Gómez Moreno-, which transmits its differentiated value proposition, through the new identity and updated packaging, based on the value of the product: quality from the origin” , Add Pen.

La Mancha truth

The new identity of Familia Gómez Moreno represents the essence of a family project that updates its legacy, without giving up its roots: the flavor, purity and tradition of La Mancha; 103 years of experience and success in the cheese sector.

“Relying on the family legacy, as a lever for transformation, “We have worked on the definition and evolution of the corporate identity that praises tradition and artisanal production, and increases the perceived value of its Manchego cheeses” explains Carlos Corral, CEO of Baud.

Quality as the beginning of everything

The vocation of the Gómez Moreno Family, transmitted from generation to generation, is excellence, prioritizing quality and seeking to satisfy the needs and tastes of consumers.

“The key to our success continues to be the selective rigor of the raw material used in the artisanal production of our cheeses: pure Manchego sheep milk from our own livestock, born, raised and sustained in the region of La Mancha. A guarantee of quality from the origin” comments José Angel Gómez Moreno, Manager, Gómez Moreno Family.

It's just cheese and that's the good thing

As part of the portfolio organization, Baud evolves two of the existing brands by creating Carea, new brand for the artisan sheep cheese category, and Certainty, for the Manchego cheese category. Both join the already recognized ones, Carpuela and Truffego.

On the other hand, Baud has worked on the product and packaging design with an updated proposal for the seven product categories (Cured, Semi-cured, Al Romero, Tender, In Oil, In Butter and Cheese with Truffle) and different formats (jars, wedges and portions), faithful to the renewed corporate identity.

"We detected the need to have a coherent and flexible system that defined the role of each sub-brand and connected with the gourmet consumer and the fan,” explains Carlos Corral.


A name that symbolizes the guarantee of quality, which provides the know-how, the specialty, the origin of La Mancha, the family tradition and the production process behind the product.

In the design, tradition and knowledge are reflected with the prominence of the rotated photo of aged hands. Accompanied by a handmade typographic treatment for the brand logo that highlights us along with the name and the natural and close chromaticism.


Four generations of herding and cheesemaking expertise come together in this cheese that takes the name of the breed of dog originating from Castilla-La Mancha traditionally dedicated to this activity. The first dog in the family, the deepest bond with the countryside
and the cattle. A careful, timeless and authentic design, which allows us to share the history of this tradition in each of the cheeses.