Vestas Wind Systems

Brand Guardianship & Implementation

ABOUT Vestas

Vestas was founded in 1898 as a small blacksmith's in the west of Denmark. Today it is the leading company in wind energy.


Baud is its brand guardian, dedicated to optimising the management of its brand and all of its uses.



We manage the implementation of the brand in over ten countries and work on the graphic materials for its brand communication activities.

Mock-up – Roll-up – 100 x 200 cm
Mock-up – Roll-up – 100 x 200 cm
Mock-up – Roll-up – 100 x 200 cm

Stand Design

Stand-de-Diseño-GPtech-Intersolar-EEUU-USA 6-vestas-stand-ewea

Baud has thus become a meeting point for the whole company around the world with regards to the correct use of the brand. At Baud we supervise and provide consistency across all those points where the brand comes to life: fairs, stands, posters, etc.



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