Tu Bodega Carrefour


A new winery and a new benchmark among superstores.

Carrefour worked with Baud on a new strategic approach to the world of wine and spirits.
That strategy was then developed into a new complete shopping experience concept that positions the brand as a benchmark for regular and aspirational consumers, giving it a perception of greater value as a sector specialist.

It’s a new shopping experience unlike at any other superstores.

We have created an innovative, orderly and simple space that is pleasing to browse.
With clear and useful messages that not only provide information about the product, but add value to the space by conveying our passion for wine culture. These communication elements incentivise purchases and help both to empathise with expert consumers and to steer those who are less experienced.

A winery for everyone

A place to buy wine where experts and novices alike can enjoy knowledge and information.
A winery that is effective, educational and useful for all.



An inclusive space created for every potential customer



It establishes a relationship with the customer. It encourages traffic flow and browsing.



It is educational and illustrative, and speaks the language of every different customer type.



Pleasantly surprising quality for a superstore.

A modular space

To be a benchmark winery for superstores it has to adapt to any customers who are likely to buy wine at Carrefour: regular buyers, occasional buyers, impulse buyers, bargain seekers, people looking for a specific brand, etc.

Flexible space

A space that adapts to the brand’s current and future needs.


The mix of high-quality materials generates a welcoming feeling and an air of exclusivity.
Dark colours represent the sophistication of the wine world, and wood recalls the barrels used by winemakers.

Modular furniture

The shelves are comprised of three different modules that create curved shapes, inviting customers to enter and generating traffic flow.

Efficient browsing

We want customers to feel free in the space, and for it to be easy to move around the highly visible areas. The organisation allows for linear traffic but also invites customers to browse more indiscriminately.

Products are arranged in a unique and unconventional way that creates more storage space.

It allows a wide variety of products to be displayed with optimal visibility.

Tu Bodega

Tu Bodega is a space that has been specially designed for people.
Our goal is for them to feel comfortable and secure while shopping.

A space designed to make shopping easy.

The winery and its products are organised in a clear and intuitive way with category signs that are highly visible and easy to understand.

A scalable model

The new winery is being implemented at different Carrefour locations. The model is designed so it can be adapted to all locations, regardless of their size or format, in order to bring this shopping experience to the largest number of people.

Bodega Carrefour Finestrat

Bodega Carrefour Alcobendas


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