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Stackscale is a private cloud brand whose founding experts have been working in the technology industry since the 90s, when only a few were there. Improving year after year, combining knowledge and commitment in equal measure.


Beyond knowledge and commitment, we realized that the expert B2B international client would be open to a proposal that neither the giants known as Amazon or Google, nor the little strangers that were built and diversified in the image and likeness of the big ones.


Visionary, dedicated, proactive, in short: a better proposition. From this unique and relevant proposal we complete the brand's strategy with an impressive, techie and trustworthy personality.

The place to put your trust

We evolve identity towards the place where you place your trust, projecting hands that come together in a geometric and technical way. The identity is completed with a color palette and a photographic style that is both technical and human, and a layout that uses the corners of the symbol to open spaces.

A B2B brand prepared to continue growing and offer the world the best in private cloud