Reinventing dating apps with a comprehensive project

Create an exciting brand

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At a time when the public in the dating sector is disenchanted and tired of proposals with little differentiation, an idea arises: to create a new, more lively dating social network, based on the experience and real needs of users, on the that they can have fun and really know each other.

A comprehensive project

Baud's mission was to carry out the global creation of a brand that started at strategy and ended at launch. A large-scale project taking into account the multitude of project contact points: app, web, spots, graphics, online campaign, RRSS ... and a challenge from the branding point of view, since we had to create a differential brand and fresh in a worn sector.


The first step was the creation of the brand name, which had to respond to our strategy and invite the user to live exciting experiences: Shakn, an inspiring and vibrant name, capable of shaking the user.


The heart, a universal symbol of love, which communicates the purpose of the app and which, thanks to the vibrating waves, reinforces the name and fills it with meaning.

Defining Shakn


Attached to naming and derived from the brand promise, a powerful and memorable claim was created. A phrase that communicates attributes and values ​​of the brand and with which both Shakn and users can identify. Because Shakn is the place to feel, get excited, be alive ... Beat.

Communicate and excite

Within the product, iconography and animations are key communication elements. For Shakn an iconography was created based on the lines of the logo itself, capable of clearly communicating the functionalities of the app.

The animations vibrate the waves of the isotype, making our image come alive and be more dynamic and interactive.

The place to get excited

The app, the main point of contact

The design of the entire platform is based on a mobile-first card system that allows us to display information to users in a dynamic and simple way. Each card is supported by iconography and other graphic elements to make the platform easy to understand and use on mobile or home screens.

We let users and their publications take center stage, without the brand losing its presence.

The modular system allows us to adapt the design of the app to any device (mobile, Tablet, desktop) without losing coherence or usability.

Building the brand personality


We use an inspiring and close language, which does not impose or promise, and leaves the course of their relationships in the hands of the users. Strong phrases that communicate the fun, exciting and free spirit of Shakn.

Through the picture

We define a photographic style that transfers the closeness and spontaneity of the brand to communications. Real, natural people, like the users of the platform themselves, and a warm and human touch-up style.

A multi-channel launch


To publicize Shakn we created three TV spots. Three stories aimed at three different targets, which use the decontextualization of the characters to communicate the main advantage of the app: the possibility of really knowing other users.

Creating the Shakn community


A space aimed at attracting users for which we created a direct registration module that, supported by copy, invited them to register on the platform.

In digital media

We communicate our app in RRSS and various digital media. We designed actions that played with the formats themselves to communicate our values ​​and that took the protagonists of the brand to the digital medium.