Stay a team

By Javier Arenas, member of the Baud team.

In Spain, it has taken us a long time to understand the value of teamwork, and even more that of a good colleague who works for the group, making it stronger and better.

Perhaps it is because we are a country of geniuses, inventors, artists, discoverers, thinkers ...
Because we are a country of heroes.

And of course, each one of us when we were little just wanted to be that, a hero.
No more no less.

But little by little we have come to realize that the true hero is the one who does not seek constant recognition, the one who is always there to give you a hand, the one who brings his value to the project and then is able to step aside so that his partner contribute yours. The one who rejoices in the successes of his colleagues. The one who works for the team.

I think it is because we have come from a great crisis and today we are more aware than ever that alone, one by one, we are worth less than all of us together, making the companies to which we belong stronger.
And that conviction makes us better professionals every day, and our companies increasingly competitive.

It has taken us a lot to get here, but we have come together, which is what counts, and now we are alone at home, we have been separated, and no, we cannot fall back into individualism.
Because today we know that people are the future and that together, together, we build better, more humane, more empathetic organizations and brands.
More real.

Now more than ever we have to care for, protect, preserve, empower, train and motivate our teams. Because you can get out of this situation, but together. As heroes.

Baud team at home_2