Improve social harmony

A sector instead, towards intelligent and agile progress to achieve truly unique and relevant results for citizens and society.

Social and economic progress

Social and economic progress depend largely on innovation and the transformation of a critical sector, capable of directly affecting the quality of life of millions of people.

At Baud, we promote public administrations in that search for well-being and positive impact, in a strategic, creative and highly collaborative process with these institutions.

We impact together

We work together with the Public Sector in its consolidation as agile, efficient institutions capable of responding to the challenges of improving the lives of citizens.

  • Research
  • Citizen Experience
  • Data Driven Governance
  • New Digital Models


New times for tourism

1980. A unique little town on the Malaga coast. Towering mountains to explore. Coves hidden between plants and rocks that have grown as they wanted. Narrow streets with plenty of space. Neighbors and longtime visitors.

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New times for culture

At last, you have the opportunity to see it with your own eyes. Under the unmistakable feeling of the first times you enter that great temple while the history of humanity becomes tangible through your gaze. And then you see it. Each stroke comes to life before you and you discover that internalizing all that beauty is the true experience.

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