Sampaka cocoa

The Fifth Essence of Cocoa


    Cacao Sampaka, a brand with more than 20 years of experience, stands out for its devotion and mastery in transforming cocoa into a sublime and delicious experience. Their commitment to quality and innovation, along with a deep appreciation for cocoa culture, positions them as a benchmark in the industry.


    The brand needed an update that would not only highlight their commitment to quality and sustainability, but also capture the essence of their passion and mastery of cocoa craftsmanship.


    Baud worked closely with Cacao Sampaka to develop a brand strategy aligned with its mission of transforming cocoa into a jewel for the senses, and into a more sophisticated and current visual identity.

    History, present and future at the service of cocoa.

    The best raw materials, the best origin and our hands, at the service of people.

    A project so that the best cocoa fulfills its vocation and reaches its maximum expression.

    “With this minimalist and elegant makeover, we wanted to convey the nature and richness that characterizes cocoa to turn it into a culinary masterpiece. The new design, also in packaging and website, evokes the maximum care we put into the treatment of cocoa, presenting it with the halo of luxury that characterizes the brand, making it a perfect detail to give as a gift."

    Isabel Sánchez, CEO of Cacao Sampaka.