The thrill of growing together

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More than 30 years of scientific research promoted by Dr. Mª Ángeles Cerezo, Professor of Psychology at the University of Valencia, materialized in the creation of Papmi®, an innovative comprehensive care service that enhances the emotional development of the baby and supports families in a better upbringing.


Papmi® has been and is a great reference in the medical community for its method based on scientific evidence after more than 30 years of activity. However, Papmi® felt the need to go beyond the scientific field to be closer to people and, above all, to ensure that the service can help as many families and babies as possible. 


Papmi® had to evolve to update and humanize the complete expression of the brand. Through the creation of a broader and emotional strategic, verbal and visual discourse, an improvement in the connection with today's families has been facilitated to make them aware of the importance of taking care of the emotional health of the baby from the first years of parenting.  

Emotional well-being for life

The work process began with an in-depth investigation to identify the main insights relevant to today's families and their concept of upbringing. Likewise, various co-creation sessions allowed the Baud team to discover the personal vision and the technical details that shaped the Papmi® service.

With all this in mind, the strategic evolution of the brand was carried out. Papmi® was born and has grown fueling a great purpose that commits and measures the relevance of its services: “Promote a more balanced society through the emotional development of the baby”. That is Papmi®, a comprehensive care service that promotes the complete emotional growth of babies and that allows building a solid and healthy relationship between babies and families. But, Papmi® is much more than a service, it is a life project that improves society person by person, baby by baby. 

Linking science with emotions

We continue to evolve the way of talking about Papmi® and its visual personality using the brand idea “The thrill of growing together” as the main creative engine. The process of redesigning the graphic identity had to respect the codes and meanings existing in the previous logo, achieving, at the same time, modernizing and simplifying it. Thus, work was carried out on the development from scratch of the entire visual universe of the brand, establishing new corporate fonts, a scientific and very human color range, a more carefree and casual photographic style and a circular secondary graphic that embraces and personalizes each piece of communication. . 

Papmi® has taken a qualitative leap in which, today, the brand expresses itself verbally and visually with its own discourse that values ​​all its history, its current relevance and its influence in the future.