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Empark is a leading car park operator in Spain and Portugal with more than 419.000 spaces in 148 municipalities. Owner of the Telpark app, with 1,2 million users, it seeks to generate synergies between its brands and products, to become a benchmark for mobility. From Baud, we accompany Empark giving support in strategic projects and digital transformation.


Empark sought to transform the world of parking by evolving the focus on the user. Provide value to the user so that each car park could go from passively receiving customers, to attracting and retaining them. From an omnichannel analysis of the user experience, different levers had to be found to begin the advance towards the new stage of Empark.


As is often the case in transformation processes, the answer was not found in a single solution, but in working together project by project. From the user, from his experience inside and outside the car park, we began to work in parallel two strategic projects of high impact and profitability: Kiosk and Prebook. Kiosk represents the parking revolution through a ticketless system with license plate reading whose vision is to reduce barriers and facilitate the journey of drivers. Prebook, for its part, is a parking reservation platform that promotes savings, comfort and user loyalty, while promoting the diversification and sustainable profitability of the company.

Analyze from the integral customer experience

The starting point for the development of the Kiosk and Prebook projects was common: the analysis of mobility tenures and the current user experience. An empathic, deep and comprehensive analysis that also took into consideration what Empark was able to offer from the different areas and levels of the company. With all this we designed the new Empark experience: a relevant, intelligent, agile, comfortable, achievable and scalable experience.

For Kiosk we take the cashier as a key piece in activating the value experience for the user, making it visual and easy to interact with. In addition, we take advantage of it to generate synergies with Telpark, as well as with other Empark products capable of adding value to the user. A piece designed from scratch in collaboration with the manufacturer that is already starting to work in some of the company's car parks, and that is ready to incorporate new functions and boost the experience more and more.

With Prebook we launched a new service that was not being exploited so far and that was in great demand among its audiences: the flexible reservation of parking spaces for medium and long stays. The challenge involved the opening of a new digital platform in which Telpark could offer and communicate this expansion of its services. At Baud, we are involved to easily transfer the potential of this service and, above all, create a user experience that favors recruitment, avoids abandonment in the registration process and encourages recurrence.


Booking process

We analyzed and valued the key moments in the development of the digital experience to create an optimal flow in which simplicity and functionality were the two great imperatives to follow. Thus, Telpark today presents an integrated platform that allows the entire reservation process to be carried out agilely, generating a useful and satisfactory experience for the user and leaving aside complex procedures and long waits.

Understanding the characteristics of this new service, the priority audiences to which it is directed and the relationship that it was sought to create with them was essential for the design of the experience in terms of expression and interaction. A simple, functional and human experience that guides and accompanies the user through the entire process.

Strategy to work in practice

We completed the double project developing recommendations at a strategic level, architecture, tone of voice and visual universe for Empark. An attractive and balanced system for the different user profiles (leisure / work), capable of declining to each project, guiding them towards their sustained success.

From this strategic perspective, we approach the conceptualization of the ATM and the reservation website and its screens, later writing and designing all the interaction and screens.

For Kiosk we also created a name for internal use that aligned the team in the launch and development of the product and that opens the possibility, in the medium term, of its commercialization beyond the limits of the Empark car parks.

Digital product

The design of the screens was approached from a strategic perspective that improved the above, exceeding expectations.

The Kisok project culminated in a more intuitive content architecture for the user, elements designed for people with visual disabilities such as their own keyboard, and a recognizable UI with ad hoc illustrations joined to create a positive, unique and memorable experience.

In short, a friendly and intuitive ATM for the user, capable of operating in very diverse car parks and continuing to scale, which at the same time meets the company's objectives regarding the generation of synergies with Telpark and other products of the same.

The result of the Prebook project is an active website, optimized and conceived to offer a simple and intuitive experience that promotes the knowledge and acquisition of Telpark's new medium and long-stay reservation service. An experience that puts the user at the center to be closer to him, thus fulfilling the strategic objectives of the company.

“The transformation of any large company begins with a careful analysis and is built through different multidisciplinary strategic projects to be activated in parallel, in an agile and organic way. Nowadays, transformation is imperative and carrying it out with the right methodology is the optimal way to drive success ”, Carlos Corral, CEO of Baud.