A different bookmaker needs a different brand

A Madiapro project

  • Brand Communications & Marketing
  • Brand Definition
  • Consulting
  • Service & Digital Turnaround

Mediapro wanted to launch a cross-betting house, a mode little exploited in Spain in which the company mediates between two users who play with each other. The prestigious production company counted on Baud to create its new brand, which, although it only had one direct competitor, was entering a highly saturated market in which differentiation is essential.

The Name: Quiver


We rely on the way of playing of the cross-betting users, studied, with precision, with a clear objective. As an archer shoots his arrow. This is how Carcaj came about, the place where players find what they need to place their bets. A unique name that broke the codes of the sector by changing the rules of the game, in every way.

"Case for storing arrows, used by archers on their backs."

It is not just another bookmaker

For the logo we chose a stencil typeface with character, forceful and rebellious, that communicates our personality and our values. We chose coral as the main color, as challenging, fun and lively as our bookmaker. As a secondary color, we opted for dark blue, more sober and neutral.



For the claim we chose a short, concise and easily remembered phrase, which speaks directly to the user. Three words that summarize the philosophy and the way of betting of our platform and that help to clarify the name of the brand and fill it with meaning.

A different, unique and novel identity, capable of capturing the attention of a target tired of brands that look too alike


A powerful and groundbreaking brand that works on the pitch, arousing interest and generating users from day one.

Visual Universe


A winning image

In addition to identity, we created a visual universe for Carcaj, applicable to all its communications. A visual language consistent with the brand, exciting and versatile.

Designs based on the magic of the game, with a strong presence of corporate colors and powerful and challenging copies.

«Quiver is a winners bookmaker»

Ignacio Arrola, Marketing Director of Mediapro.

From brand to app

The identity is designed to adapt to the application and the betting system. A very defined visual design that laid the foundations for the web and the app, the main points of contact with the target.



For the launch we created a series of challenging and provocative pieces that invited the user to bet on Quiver.

The campaign had a great presence in the media, especially in the sports field, appearing in the press, Street, television in the stadium, radio, online.